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General Information


The teachers in our program are trained, certified and educated professionals who have extensive experience with preschoolers and their development needs. They are loving, nurturing and have an understanding of each child's needs - intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.



The classrooms will be set up to meet the dynamics of their particular age group and to help students work independently and collaboratively with their peers. There will be a balance of teacher directed activities and child directed activities. Our student to staff ratios will exceed New Jersey State regulations and aid in maintaining smaller group instruction. The atmosphere in all classrooms will be conducive to learning due to the activities that are planned on a daily basis.



Children learn and develop at different rates. We observe and track children's progress through the school year and will distribute to parents two progress reports. Our progress report is released in January and the second report is released at the end of the school year. Parent/ Teacher conferences will be set up in advance to  discuss results.



Parents of children enrolled at The Upper Saddle River Children's Academy may visit the school at any time. Our doors are always open to parents. Please stop in the office to sign in before going to the classroom.



Please park in the upper parking lot and escort your child into the building to the schedule below that applies to you.

7:30-9:00, classroom to be announced.






We have implemented a "Kiss and Drop" line for students attending the Pre-Kindergarten program. The traffic will enter from the Weiss Road entrance and the children will be met by a staff member in front of the Old Stone Church Office entrace. If the child who is being dropped off has a sibling attending our Toddlers or Threes program, he or she can be dropped off at the same time. Complimentary service will only be provided to those students. "Kiss and Drop" will begin at 8:05 AM. Classes will start promptly at 8:30. All children should be picked up promptly at 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM, or 3:00 PM depending on the scheduled day. 


Threes and Toddlers Programs


Your child should always be accompanied to and picked up from his or her classrooms by parents, or authorized adults which must be acknowledged by a staff member before leaving. All children should arrive and be picked up promptly. Please keep in mind that all classes begin promptly at 9:00 AM and 12:30 PM. All children should be picked up by 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM, or 3:00 PM depending on their schedule.

  • We must be notified either in writing or by phone before releasing a child to anyone other than the parent or persons on the authorized pick-up list, found on the application. Please make sure that the person picking up the child has identification.





(8:05-8:25 AM) (Pre-Kindergarten students only. If the student being dropped off has a sibling in the Toddler or Threes program, complimentary service is offered).


Please enter the upper parking lot from the Weiss Road entrance. Drive as far forward as you can to the area designated with the double doors entrance. You will be greeted by staff members who will open your passenger's side back door and assist your child out of the car and escort him or her into the building. It would be most helpful if your child is seated on the passenger's side of the car. In the interest of students and staff safety, a consistent traffic flow is necessary. Do not leave your car unattended in this area, as it will delay the entire "Drop Off" process. Double parking is not only illegal, but creates a safety hazard as children are walking between cars. 


If it is 8:26 AM or after, you must escort your child through the school entrance (located at the north side of the building, close to playground area) and sign him/her into class. Pre-Kindergarten classes begin instruction promptly at 8:30 AM.




For delayed opening days and informed inclement weather schedule days, all school population will use the "Kiss and Drop" procedure.




In the event of inclement weather, we may have to close the Academy. We coordinate with the Upper Saddle River Public school closings. If the weather becomes inclement during the course of the day and/or a storm develops, we will call you and the Academy will close at 11:30. Please keep in mind that it is the intention of the Academy to ensure the safety of our students, families and staff. Announcements of closings will be communicated early morning between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m via email.



Please adhere to the traffic flow pattern as marked. We strongly recommend that you hold your child by the hand at all times whenever in or near the parking lot.



If your child is going to be absent, please notify the Academy in the morning. We will report contagious diseases and conditions so that you can look for symptoms of the illness at home. No refund for any reason including absences for illness, holidays, vacations, school closing due to inclement weather, or early withdrawals.



Every child must have a medical form on file.  A child with a contagious illness must stay home for 24 hours after the start of medication. A staff member will administer medication only if the medication permission form is signed by a parent. All prescription medication must be in the original container marked with the child's name, dosage, route, frequency, special instructions, and expiration date. Children with a medical condition requiring Epinephrine or an inhaler must have a waiver signed by a parent on their files.


We are requiring two Epi-Pen's for your child at school. One Epi-Pen will be located in the office and the other will follow your child i.e. playground, changing of classrooms, lunch, etc. We will provide a special bag marked with your child's name. 



You are responsible for providing your child with a nutritious lunch that does not require any preparation.



We recognize this significant event in the growth of each child and how important celebrations are to children. Therefore, we ask that if you desire to do something special for your child's birthday, you may provide a simple snack for the event. Please be sure to speak to your child's teacher before any snacks are brought to class. Additionally, please consider food and nut allergies.



Children gain confidence doing things by themselves and dressing and undressing is an integral part of the process. We want your child to feel secure and confident and as independent as possible within his/her capabilities. We all know that the young child often plays until he/she urgently must run to the bathroom. The difference between success and a bathroom accident is often beyond the control of the child. Wearing loose fitting clothes with an elastic waistband is very helpful. These children wearing a diaper/pull-up should not wear undershirts with snaps.


We will play outside in all types of weather. Please be sure to dress your child appropriately. 


Sturdy shoes with rubber soles or sneakers are needed for outdoor and indoor play. Sandals, open shoes and dress shoes with slippery soles are not permitted. Each child will have a cubby with his or her name on it. All outerwear should be labeled with your child's name.


On the child's first day of school, please bring an extra change of clothing (including underwear) for your child labeled with his or her name in a zip lock bag. These will be kept at school for emergency use. Please remember to replenish the clothing as it is used.



A staff member always supervises children while using the bathroom. Children who are not toilet trained are changed as needed. Teachers will not potty train, but will encourage the child if they have started this process at home. A child will not be forced to sit on the potty if they do not want to. Young children who have started the process at home may have an accident in school, therefore, it is important to have a change of clothes on hand.



The school has security cards for admittance. Each security card is a $25.00 fee refunded to you when your child leaves the school.


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