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Computer Tot Classes

Children love to learn through exploration and play! The Computer Tots curriculum combines discovery learning and guided instruction to foster their natural love of learning. Small groups of children work together in an interactive, hands-on environment


Computer Tots enhances skills in:

Keyboard Familiarization

Language Development

Reading & Math readiness

Science Exploration

Art & Music

Problem Solving

Mouse Manipulations


Hands-on experience will be implemented using the latest age appropriate software.


Classes are on-going throughout the school year with the first class beginning on Monday, October 6th or Wednesday, October 8th and ending in May 2015. The monthly fee is $60.00 for four 30 minute classes and are billed monthly with your tuition. If your child is absent, the teacher will make every effort to make-up the class with him/her in subsequent weeks. Classes will not be made up for holiday observance and school closings. 


Information sheets will be distributed weekly for parent involvement. 


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Newsletter Signup