You have big dreams for your child. At the Upper Saddle River Children’s Academy, we understand how precious these formative years are a time of wonder, enthusiasm, curiosity and a critical time in development. We go beyond the basics of academics and play to provide well-rounded growth: cognitive, social, emotional, physical and individual. Our small class population assures this support. Schedule a tour today and find out how we can help bring the dreams you have for your child to life. It’s a very magical place!


Our School

The Upper Saddle River Children’s Academy offers a teacher-guided program. We believe that providing engaging, interactive, planned lessons and learning through play and self-guided exploration are not mutually exclusive concepts.


Our Programs

Our curriculum offers thought-provoking, developmentally-appropriate activities based on thematic units. These units focus on children’s interests and open pathways to learning more about the world and the surrounding community.

Our Educators

The teachers in our program are trained, educated and certified professionals who have extensive experience with preschoolers and their developmental needs.  They are loving, nurturing and have an understanding of each child’s needs – intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.