Kindergarten is a special time in a child’s life. Our multi-sensory program targets varied learning styles.  The experience provided in our school is richly filled with reading, language arts, writing, math, science, and art exploration.

The program is designed to develop skills and foster individual growth in a nurturing small group environment. Our kindergarten curriculum is developmental and encourages all children to see themselves as readers, writers and problem solvers.  We embrace students as unique individuals who develop and grow at different rates. We strive to create a cooperative classroom where children are encouraged to work together.  Our attention to social interactions creates a positive learning environment for all.

The kindergarten students master their knowledge of letters and sounds.  They are encouraged to use developmental writing to create their own writing pieces.

Our writing curriculum includes shared writing, interactive writing, and independent writing.  Students are encouraged to use proper writing conventions such as capitalization and punctuation.

Our reading curriculum includes shared reading, reading aloud, small group guided reading and partner reading.  The students learn strategies to help them become independent readers.

Our math curriculum is hands-on and incorporates manipulatives to teach all skills.  Concepts include number identification (1-100), addition, subtraction, sorting, classifying data, skip counting, time, measurement, money and place value.

We provide the highest quality instruction in a nurturing classroom and recognize and expand on each child’s interests, strengths and abilities. Our curriculum also focuses on social and emotional development to foster a child’s sense of self, enhance his or her ability to make friends, and create an openness to learning. Creative expression and cognitive development promote intellectual growth and personal success.