The Mommy & Me Program

Mommy and Me is for children ages 18 to 30 months who are just beginning to test their independence, by toddling to and from their caregivers as they discover the world around them. Mommy and Me gently encourages this budding independence by introducing a classroom space for safe exploration, provided by our Director, Alicia Ballaera.

Toddlers Program

Our earliest learners, the Toddlers, begin by acclimating slowly to their new environment, developing a sense of security and comfort in their classroom with their new teachers and friends. Our Toddler teachers are experienced with our gentle separation process, allowing children to form a bond with their teachers and friends, feeling secure in their new environment. Preschool becomes a familiar and exciting place where our toddlers feel safe and supported!


Threes Program

Our “Threes” Program is when socialization begins to blossom, and cooperative play becomes central to their school experience. Many avenues of our curriculum are interwoven. Together, the children engage in table-top activities handling various manipulatives, creating patterns, completing puzzles and engaging in other fine-motor activities.


Developmentally, the students in our Pre-Kindergarten are typically adept at engaging in more complex social, learning and play experiences. The PreKindergarten program uses the Learning Without Tears program, which develops fine-motor skills and fosters Kindergarten readiness.


Kindergarten is a special time in a child’s life. Our multi-sensory program targets varied learning styles.  The experience provided in our school is richly filled with reading, language arts, writing, math, science, and art exploration.