Each week, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will participate in enrichment activities in a small group setting (4 - 5) students for 30 minutes. This setting will provide the student an opportunity to focus on STEM (an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math) as well as supplemental learning in disciplines such as social studies.

The following exemplifies the type of activities that your child will be engaged in:

State of the Week – Students will be introduced to a different state each week through simple clues. We will collect license plates from each state reviewed. Don’t be surprised when your child’s observes a license plate and tells you something about that state!

Investigation - Foundational experiments will allow students to predict, observe, question, and relate cause and effect. As you know, children are naturally curious. These experiments help them to be active and feel like experts. How many teaspoons of salt will be needed for the egg to float?

Engineering - Students learn a great deal through planning, designing, and problem-solving. You might be quite impressed at what they can construct with uncooked spaghetti and mini marshmallows!

Math - Students have the opportunity to work with geoboards, tangrams, pattern blocks, unifex cubes and other manipulatives to enhance their understanding of geometry, measurement, patterning and sequencing. How many buttons are in this week's estimation jar?