Our “Threes” Program is when socialization begins to blossom, and cooperative play becomes central to their school experience. Many avenues of our curriculum are interwoven. Together, the children engage in table-top activities handling various manipulatives, creating patterns, completing puzzles and engaging in other fine-motor activities. While the children delve into a multi-sensory, hands-on pre-writing program, they also begin to investigate the basic elements of pre-math through block building, sorting activities, sand and water play, and games. Our 3s begin to tackle the basics of writing through Handwriting Without Tears using Mat Man and other developmentally appropriate tools.

All of our 3s enjoy exciting classroom curriculum throughout the year, including a hayride trip to Rohsler’s Nursery in the fall,  celebrating different cultures from around the world and a trip during the spring to McFaul Environmental Center.

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