Our earliest learners, the Toddlers, begin by acclimating slowly to their new environment and developing a sense of security and comfort in their classroom with their new teachers and friends. Our Toddler teachers are experienced with our gentle separation process, which allows children to form a bond with their teachers and friends, and feel secure in their new setting. Preschool becomes a familiar and exciting place where our toddlers feel safe and supported! In scaffolding children’s experiences, our teachers are able to create a joyful foundation, while promoting confidence and learning.

Because children learn by doing, each toddler’s gifts and interests are encouraged in a nurturing environment. In our classrooms, we play a lot and integrate sensory experiences. The “work” of play includes storytelling, dramatic play, building with blocks, making art and music, and dancing, all of which enhance language, physical, and emotional development.

Our educational approach allows many direct, hands-on experiences.   Toddlers develop a variety of skills, including physical, language, social-emotional, cognitive, self-help, and gross motor. A predictable yet responsive daily routine meets the needs of children with both structure and flexibility. The whole class experience is a very important aspect of our program. By continually listening, and describing actions to our toddlers, we enhance vocabulary expand expressive language skills, increase awareness and develop self-esteem.

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Enrichment includes:

  • gross-motor-play in our in-door gym and out-door play area
  • art 
  • music
  • movement
  • yoga
  • cooking