While schools are closed for midwinter break, there’s just one problem: while the kids get a break, many of us still have to work.  We have decided to offer a February break camp where kids can pursue all kinds of interests from arts to academics, even if it is only for a few hours to keep them stimulated.

Our campers will enjoy an exciting and developmentally appropriate winter program. They will participate in a variety of “LET IT SNOW” sensory themed activities including music, arts and crafts, and science.

Lunch will be provided to all our campers. Monday - Pizza, Tuesday - Chicken Fingers, Wednesday - Pancakes and Waffles!!!

Students and staff will also come to school one day dressed in pajamas to share in a Special Event.

We are offering this program to siblings up to the age of 6 years old to join us.

Come and “CHILL” with us!!!!!

Click to access the Winter Camp Application!